Sanjeev Chopra

Before joining the Indian Administrative Service in 1985, he worked for The Times of India and The Economic Times. He was awarded the Robert S McNamara (World Bank) and the Hubert H Humphrey fellowship in 1998 and 1999 respectively. He has also been a Guest Scholar at The Brookings Institution, Washington DC.

Releasing AGRI MATTERS at Raj Bhavan

Sri. N. D.Tiwari, H.E.Governor of Andhra Pradesh is seen releasing a book titled AGRI MATTERS, written by Mr.Sanjeev Chopra,IAS, on 21.06.09 at Raj Bhavan

Inaugurating the Cold Chain Summit 2010

Inaugurating the Cold Chain Summit 2010, organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in association with Ministry of Agriculture,

  The Year of Horticulture 2012

The Year of Horticulture 2012

The Ministry of Agriculture has decided to mark 2012...

Multi-functionality of Agriculture

Multi-functionality of Agriculture

Readers may recall the report of the International Assessment...

Public-Private Partnership in Agriculture

Public-Private Partnership in Agriculture

Led by changing consumer demand preferences on account...

From Rent-Seekers to Entrepreneurs?

From Rent-Seekers to Entrepreneurs?

In this Agri Affairs, the focus is on the ‘economic agents’...

Aug 26 2013

Sweet Transactions

Sugar is sweet, but sugarcane growers are often bitter about the long queues at sugarcane factories, disputes about quantity and quality and uncertainty about the norms of payment. Motorists and other highway users also dread the ‘crushing season’ when all roads to sugarcane factories are clogged with tractor trolleys and bullock carts. More often than not, farmers find it easier to leave their stocks with intermediaries who then undertake the transactions with the sugar factories as farmers find it extremely distressing to have to wait like supplicants to get a fair price for their produce.

Fortunately these issues have been addressed through the Sugarcane Information system , an initiative of the Sugarcane Development and Sugarcane Industries Department of Uttar Pradesh under the leadership of the then Cane Commissioner Kamran Rizvi . what is remarkable about this initiative is that it has introduced transparency at Zero cost by understanding the process, and simplifying it by making simple interventions like SMS (in Hindi) to reach out to the largest numbers. This is information revolution in the truest sense, and also opens up the possibility of replication in several other domains, especially procurement operations undertaken by FCI and Nafed. Read more...

Past Events

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Not more of the same ! (Final)
Tuesday, 24 June 2014
The undersigned could not restrain him at a roundtable called to discuss the roadmap for agriculture under the new dispensation. It was more of the same thing. Higher allocations, higher MSPs,...
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About Sanjeev Chopra

Sanjeev Chopra IAS worked for The Times of India till the year 1985 when he joined the Indian Administrative Services. He also worked in The Economic Times before that. In the year 1998 and 1999, he was awarded the Robert S McNamara and Hubert H Humphrey fellowship respectively.

Sanjeev Chopra has also been a respectable guest scholar in Brookings Institution in Washington DC. He has taken over as the Mission Director and Joint Secretary of Department of Agriculture and Cooperation which is under the Government of India.

He is also a writer on agriculture sector and his writings are found in many publications. He is known to be the most influential agricultural writer of our times since he has years of experience in handling assignments in the major agricultural regions of the country. He has also been a part of the Cold Chain India initiative which has greatly helped the country to excel.

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